For many, Cyclone Idai was thought to bring the much-needed rainfall too quench wilting maize crops after a long dry spell. No one ever knew that a black cloud hovered above their head with different tale to tell for generations to come.

It all started with light rain showers and a small breeze on the 14th of March, many believing this was another cyclone as experienced in the last decade with just winds and lots of rain. This was not so, many were not prepared for what was about to come in the next 24hrs. On Friday the 15th, like a raging bull, just

before 8pm, cyclone Idai touched Chimanimani district. The rains roared like a lion pouring heavy rain down on earth leading to many seek refuge in the comfort of their homes.

In the middle of the heavy down pour, unusual sounds being emitted by flooded waterways that carried with it mudslides and it rocks could be heard. The waterways and rivers were breached swallowing everything in its path. Houses were destroyed after being hit by rocks and mudslides and with-it, human life was taken with many missing.

By 10pm, a scar was carved in the district. in the early hours of the morning of the 16th, it dawned the somewhat tranquil district rose with a new story line that will captivate the nation for some time.