Over the years, rural schools have gone through negative transitions that has seen increased infrastructure decay. The absence of adequate financial and material support from responsible authorities has to some extend played a hand. As a result, leading to an unfavourable learning environment that has compromised the learner.   

Chimanimani District has many such schools that require support. There are schools with

For many, access to primary health care is remains a pipe dream and one such community is that of ward 5 (Hotsprings). With a population of 7 022 and 1709 households (census report 2012). The nearest health services for the community is Chakohwa clinic and Nyanyadzi Rural Hospital located 30 kilometers from the furthest household. For households with little income or no ox-driven carts it adds to the limited access to health services.

These challenges will become thing of

For more than 30 years the community of ward 18 has never been able to enjoy the use of the proposed Mhakwe clinic. In time, this has led to the existing building to be in a derelict state. Constructed during late 1980s, the structure has never been used for its intended purpose, primarily due to its failure to meet the required standards laid by the Ministry of Health.

However, all this in now a thing of the past. The coming in of the inter-governmental funds (IGF) under the Government of Zimbabwe’s Devolution programme has transformed the health