For many, access to primary health care is remains a pipe dream and one such community is that of ward 5 (Hotsprings). With a population of 7 022 and 1709 households (census report 2012). The nearest health services for the community is Chakohwa clinic and Nyanyadzi Rural Hospital located 30 kilometers from the furthest household. For households with little income or no ox-driven carts it adds to the limited access to health services.

These challenges will become thing of

the past once construction of a new rural health centre is complete. The facility will comprise of a consultation block, male and female wards. With completion now in near sight, the facility will not only benefit the communities of Ward 5 but also the many workers across at Marange Diamond fields.

The intergovernmental funds through the Government of Zimbabwe Devolution programme has made possible for the construction of the health facility.